While the Blog generally focuses on telling the history of the Scottish diaspora through short research stories, I also sometimes comment on wider topics with a link to migration history or the Scots abroad. You can find such commentaries here.

A response to Justin Welby: Debating migration is fine – establishing an intrinsic link between migration and fear? Not so.
In an interview for Parliament’s The House magazine, the archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, argued that Europe is faced with a ‘colossal crisis’ of migration. As a result of that crisis, there is, in many communities, a ‘genuine fear’ about the impact of this migration – on jobs, housing, the NHS. Welby added that referring to those who voice their fear about migration as racists is ‘outrageous, absolutely outrageous.’ As we are witnessing …. Read more

Why understanding British migration history matters
Migrants are coming in swarms, did you know?  They are coming to Britain, as Cameron continued to explain the other week, from ‘across the Mediterranean, seeking a better life’. Outrageous, isn’t it. And, of course, completely unheard of. It’s never happened before. No, not ever in human history. People have always stayed put. … Oh, hang on, wait a moment … Of course I am being sarcastic here. Partly, I think, because sarcasm is about the only response I have left in me for the extremely worrying rhetoric  … Read more

Slavery – never good for taking cheap political jibes
Slavery has a long history all around the world – and one that, sadly, still continues in too many places to this day. That fact alone, if nothing else, should be sufficient enough to prevent politicians from using a reference to slavery for taking cheap political jibes at the opposite side. Apparently not. And this brings me to Conservative MP Lucy Frazer. When debating the Queen’s speech the other day, Mrs Frazer decided to include in her maiden speech a number of historical references to …. Read more