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A perfect associationalist

When Archie Crosbie Haig died in Mount Gambier, South Australia, in the spring of 1945, the local paper was full of praise for his involvement in the community, focusing in particular on Haig’s contributions to the city’s many clubs and societies. He was, in fact, what we might call a perfect associationalist: The late Mr. Read More

New Book: Clubbing Together

I am delighted to announce that my new book, Clubbing Together: Ethnicity, Civility and Formal Sociability in the Scottish Diaspora to 1930, has been published by Liverpool University Press. I have accumulated a host of debts throughout the preparation and writing of this book, so I’d like to take the opportunity and thank a few people Read More

Scottish Convicts in Nineteenth-Century Australia

Australia was first put on the Scottish diaspora map not as a migrant destination of choice, but as a convict settlement. The overall number of convict Scots was, however, low. Of the estimated total of nearly 155,000 convicts sent to the Australian mainland and Van Diemen’s land, only about 8,200 were Scots. A slightly larger Read More

Homecoming in the 1920s

It’s another year of Homecoming – a good opportunity to explore an earlier example of it in the early twentieth century. It was then that a growing number of organised group returns took place, with trip planning often facilitated by Scottish associations such as St Andrew’s and Caledonian societies. One such group return, that of Read More

The 600th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn in 1914

The  700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn is imminent and many activities are taking place to celebrate and commemorate the anniversary. There is, for instance, the Battle of Bannockburn Project, a partnership between the National Trust for Scotland and Historic Scotland, funded by the Scottish Government and the Heritage Lottery Fund. The Project seeks Read More

A Scottish Christmas Down Under

During the Christmas holidays of 1916 Nan Drennan, a recent arrival to New Zealand, wrote a letter to her mother back in Scotland, noting that she remembered the holidays as a time that they ‘always spend together’. This, however, was now impossible given the physical distance between mother and daughter. The only thing Nan could Read More

The Scots in Australia

Thanks to a Visiting Fellowship at the Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University (Canberra), and a grant by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, I got to spend the last two months in Australia, giving me time for some further explorations of the Scots who settled there for my next book, as well as for Read More

The Scottish Diaspora and the Story of St Kilda

On 29 August 1930 the remaining residents of St Kilda were evacuated from the island on economic grounds at the islanders’ own request as the population had dwindled from 73 in 1920 to only 37 in 1928. There is, however, a much longer history of departures from the island, and one directly connected to the Read More