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The growth of Highland Games in North America

The most visible change in Scottish associational activities in North America was the proliferation of Caledonian Games from the mid-nineteenth century onwards. And it was Caledonian societies and clubs who were chiefly responsible for their organization, triggered by the general popularization of Scottish sports. The seminal study of the emergence and evolution of Highland Games Read More

A Great History

So there I was, back in New Zealand at the Turakina Highland Games. But this year was special as it marked the celebration of the 150th Games – what an amazing feat. The weather agreed wholeheartedly as it was a gloriously sunny summer day (and the only such nice day in a while). As local Read More

Celebrating 150 Years: The Turakina Highland Games

Whether hailing from the Lowlands or the Highlands, their national identity was very important for many of the Scottish migrants who had made the journey from Scotland to New Zealand, settling in the British Empire’s farthest outpost. In the mid-nineteenth century, the journey to New Zealand could easily take four months, and life aboard ship Read More