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The Global Saint: St Andrew’s Day Celebrations around the World

‘No saint in the calendar’, observed a reporter in the Hong Kong Daily Press in 1886, ‘receives the hearty and regular devotion paid to St Andrew by his flock in all parts of the world.’ And indeed, next to Burns Night, St Andrew’s Day has long since been the key holiday in the annual events Read More

Celebrating St Andrew’s Day in the Far East

St Andrew, Scotland’s patron saint, was celebrated by Scots around the world. In Asia, early references come from India where dinners were, by the 1850s, a common affair and widely reported in the press. They only achieved a more stable base, however, in the late-nineteenth century. As Stewart, in his exploration of the jute industry in Read More

St Andrew’s Day and the Scots in British East Africa

Nairobi was founded by the British in 1899 to serve as a rail depot on the railway that connected Mombasa to Uganda. From this early settlement Nairobi grew quickly and, in 1907, became the capital of British East Africa. Despite this expansion it was not a principal destination of permanent settlement for Scots – though Read More